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Dubai Islamic Economy Development

Halal Incorp's website takes a look at how the Islamic economy is developing and growing in Dubai. …
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International Halal Awards to be introduced next year

SME Corporation Malaysia chief executive officer Datuk Hafsah Hashim announced this during a press c…
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Malaysia’s JAKIM to launch annual international halal award next year

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MALAYSIA - Malaysia’s national halal certifier, the Department of Islamic Developm…
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Modified Cameron fruit exports halted

Fruit from the Cameron Highlands, due to be exported to China, was rejected due to Living Organism M…
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Malaysian Halal Industries may gain Chinese investment

Following his recent visit to China, state Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumerism Committee Chairma…
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Japanese Bank aiding investments in Malaysian Halal Industry

Japanese companies active in food, cosmetics, logistics, transportation and storage are keen to tap …
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Increase of Halal business in Japan

As the influx of foreign visitors to Japan includes Muslims, there has been discussion about how Jap…
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Jakim-approved mobile app to verify halal status

GETTING truly halal-certified products can be quite a challenge for many Muslims, especially when ov…
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Islamic halal economy set to grow: experts

The range of halal products, from goods not containing pork or alcohol to financial and tourism serv…
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A crying need for global halal standard

At present, each country has its own halal standard and it may or may not accept the halal accredita…
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