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A data pool is a Gateway to access the GDSN Networks, where all necessary information to perform business transactions between trading partners is exchanged in a standardized way. A data pool is the common point in the communication between the trading partners; provide synchronization capability of their data.
Definition Source: Wikipedia.

HOW IT WORKS WITH GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)

Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP) is a GDSN certified data pool which allows users (suppliers, manufacturers and distributors etc.) to upload their product information and synchronize it with their trading partners on a global level.

The product information must comply with GS1 guidelines, for example, a company must have a GLN and their product must contain a Barcode/GTIN.

Suppliers are also able to categorise their products under the detailed classification codes provided by GS1.

Once the product information is available in the system, GHDP allows retailers or subscribers to synchronize the product’s information to their systems.

By synchronizing the product information to the end system (ERP or internal built order management system), it is easier for the retailer to process orders, using clear product information, which previously could take months to handle manually.

With the help of GHDP, suppliers no longer need to bring their product line to retailers or distributors. While using GHDP to enrich their product information, suppliers can also easily synchronize their product catalogue with any of their trading partners.

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