July 22, 2017


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Applying for Certification

GHDP Center Of Excellence
The process of applying for Halal certification can be cumbersome and daunting especially to new applicants. GHDP Centre of Excellence (GHDP CoE) is here to assist existing and would-be Halal industry players to navigate this process successfully. Through GHDP CoE we offers Halal Certification Consultancy, Bridging Advisory Services which cover the following areas:-
- JAKIM Online Halal Application Assistance
- Halal Readiness Assessment
- Pre-Audit Walk Through
- NCR Remediation
- Sourcing for Allowable Raw Materials and Halal Ingredients
- Related Process Improvement
Halal product manufacturers and food service businesses stand to lose out in the wider Halal market due to lack of Halal certification services. GHDP CoE plan to address this gap by assisting the local Muslim communities to set up and run Halal Certification Bodies. This is made possible via GHDP COE's Halal Consultancy Services.
To find out more do contact us at +603 8994 3336 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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